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Tips on sauna care and maintenance

31 Jul 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Builder, Sauna Equipment


A sauna require minimal maintenance, however, you will want to do regular maintenance to ensure that your sauna stays clean, appealing and operate properly all year round.

Here are some tips on how to keep your sauna clean.


  • Sweep or vacuum at least once a week if use regularly to remove any dirt from sauna interior.
  • Wipe walls where people have touched them
  • The benches and floors of your sauna should be washed several times per year to ensure cleanliness.
  • The wood in your sauna should be cleansed with water or mild cleaning solutions only.


There are different ways of cleaning different types of heater.

  • Wood burner – remove the ash build up constantly
  • Electric heater – use a nonabrasive cleaner and sponge to wipe off any fingerprints, dust, grime, and debris that may be present.
  • Stone heater – soak the rocks in a mild detergent and water solution about once a month, and also replacing any cracked stones as soon as you notice that they are cracked.
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