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Sauna and Aromatherapy

29 Jul 2015 / in Sauna

Sauna baths have many benefits and to assist the detoxifying process encouraged by regular sauna bath, it is helpful to use a sauna essential oil as aromatherapy. Essential oils aromatherapy uses the sense of smell to help you relax and also can be used to disinfect the sauna and fragrance the water in a pleasing […]

Enhance your perfect sauna experience!

29 Jul 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Equipment

Considering the time and expenses, you want to make sure that you will have a great at home sauna therapy. We have prepared some basic tips so that you can enhance your own luxurious, perfect sauna experience. Enjoying sauna is all about feeling great. Keep in mind and pamper yourself now following these tips. Try […]

Choosing the sauna accessories you need.

29 Jul 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Equipment

There are so many different options of sauna accessories available in the market for you to choose from. How do you know what sauna accessories do you need? Here we provide some guidelines to help you on selecting the right sauna accessories. After you have your home sauna installed, careful plan and jot down what […]

The Many Benefits of Sauna

27 Jul 2015 / in Sauna

Sauna provides a wonderful way to unwind, relax, and warm up during winter. According to a website, true sauna enthusiast recognizes the many health benefits that result from regular sauna use and will use a sauna anywhere, anytime and in any weather. Although, it would be safe to say that a lot of people would […]