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Products and Services

Whirlpool Mineral Salt

Whirlpool Mineral Salt is great for stress relief, muscle aches, increasing insulin sensitivity, improving circulation, better nutrient absorption, headache relief, speeding up wound healing during illness, especially respiratory illness. It is best for children to help mineral absorption and improve sleep or for acne, eczema or other skin problems and joint pain relief. Salt bath […]

Wash Basin

Wash Basin made of high-quality mineral composite impress with their aesthetic and ergonomic design in order to fulfil the highest durability and hygiene requirements. It is a wash basin that brings quality to your bathroom. The wash basins are also designed to be wheelchair accessible and can therefore be used both in a standing and […]


Stool is a type of seat without back or arm rests, it can be very handy and powerful for fully utilise the limited space. With a little help from our stools and benches, your guests will never have to fight for a place again. Benches seat more people and ours are designed to match our […]

Steam Shower Cabin

Steam Shower Cabin for spa treatment at home. For the ultimate in modern luxury, you will find it difficult to beat the feeling of stepping into a shower cabin. Finns Sauna products basically make it possible for you to have the full spa experience in your own bathroom. If you want a shower that has […]

Steam Bench

Steam Bench is always recommended in a steam shower for a more comfortable seating. For built-in seating, a smooth and solid surface material for a bench top maximizing durability and for superior bathing comfort. Many bathers find sitting on grout lines to be uncomfortable. Don’t forget to slope the bench top ever so gradually from […]

Steam Bath

Steam Bath benefits were something almost magical, even spiritual sometimes through thousands of years in many cultures. How such a simple treatment could have such positive effects was often as misty as the steam rooms themselves? It contains particular pipes and pumps that bring water up and towards the large pool portion. In most case, […]

Spa Table

Spa Table is the perfect working surface for facials, waxing, massages and all types of body treatments. Our spa tables have been selected as the brand standard by leading spas, and are found wherever excellence in construction, comfort, and customer service is required. From trouble-free portable massage chairs to sophisticated multi-purpose spa tables. Our commitment […]

Spa Rainshower

Spa Rainshower is a light rain of micro-neulized water to refresh the body. Chromatic effects can be added with music to create a pleasurable feeling of relaxation, raising your mood and state of mind and stimulating well-being and relaxation. Relax as your body undergoes pure bliss under the showerheads that simultaneously rinse and massage your […]

Spa Lighting

Spa Lighting Finns Sauna line of spa lighting offer new, innovative types of lighting. Enjoying your spa is easy during the day, but at night sometimes you just want a little light to set the mood. Finns Sauna create vibrant, entertaining displays of rich, highly saturated colors, that fade and change, that sync to your […]

Spa Lighting Shower

Spa Lighting Shower enrich of well-being relax moments in the bathroom. Lighting is an important part of a bathing environment and should always be considered when constructing a shower. Besides the obvious safety consideration, lighting allows for maximum control of shower visual ambiance. Lighting is simply the easiest and most practical way to begin altering […]

Spa Jet Shower

Spa Jet Shower provides a body massage sensation when you are showering. With its high dynamic jet shower, the water flowing to your body offers whole-body water massage treatment. It offers an ultra-functional space for wellness, total balance and body treatments. The Spa Jet Shower brings a real improvement for body and skin care, thanks […]

Spa Furniture

Spa Furniture from Finns Sauna has a wide range of contemporary modern furniture including stylish wooden spa equipment, facial chairs, massage table, hair removal equipment, electrolysis machines, portable treatment bed, hot stone heaters, various wax heaters and advanced facial and body equipments. Discover our large selection of spa equipment and furniture, choosing the right equipment […]

Spa Equipment

Spa Equipment in Finns Sauna including massage pool systems, massage beds, therapist tools, trolleys, relaxing benches, decorative trays, timber bucket, timber bowls and etc is the leading supplier of spa equipment and professional skin care equipment. At Finns Sauna, we offer all of the quality, expertise, and customer service you need from your spa suppliers. […]

Spa Chair

Spa Chair is highly encouraged to be used for seated chair massage as well as pedicure saloon number one choice. Finns Sauna spa chairs are highly recognised in the spa industries by providing satisfactory comfort to users. Spa Chair is designed to accommodate clients of all heights and to adapt to wheelchair-bound and elderly clients. […]

Spa Accessories

Spa Accessories in Finns Sauna range a wide variety of products to enhance your spa experience, whether you’re looking for simple, luxurious spa robes, or something larger to enhance your hot tub itself. A relaxing day at the spa can now take place in your own home! From back massagers to bath salts and body […]

Shower Panel

Shower Panel offers a complete and gratifying shower experience. It includes various shower heads for an absolute whole body cleansing. Finns Sauna shower systems combine several industry-leading technologies, which ensure outstanding performance and an unbeatable shower every time. It ensures balanced water distribution to every single shower nozzle. Besides providing pleasure and comfort during shower, […]

Shower Cabin

Shower Cabin Finns’ shower cabin comes in various sizes and designs for you to choose from. All of our shower cabins are beautifully designed and expertly crafted showering solution. With its throughout design, our cabins offer practicality, affordability and style to any bathroom. We ensure easy installation for any of our cabins which requires low […]

Sauna Timber

Sauna Timber constructions are prefabricated and ready to assemble sauna rooms in most shapes and sizes, with a wide choice of interior fittings and woods. It caters for both commercial and domestic sauna. It is ideal for residential use, beauty saloon, spa centre and etc. Finns’ sauna timbers are environmentally-friendly, energy efficient FAR infrared sauna […]

Sauna Heater

Sauna Heater is the heart and soul of the sauna. With exclusive heater designs, Finns Sauna puts more rocks in direct contact with the elements. The result is pure bliss: a soft steam and an even-tempered heat rising from the rocks. Open air flow design allows quick, effective heating with efficient energy use. Our sauna […]

Single Tub

Single Tub comes in a variety of different designs, structures and sizes which satisfy the customers’ needs accordingly. Finns Sauna designs ranges from old school to modern days to fulfill the requirements of our customers. The type, style, and size of a bathtub can make bathing something that is done to get clean or something […]

Sauna and Pool

Sauna and Pool are all ergonomically designed to provide your body with maximum comfort and support. The spa jets are precisely placed to target key pressure points on your body. The sculpted supports for your head, neck and arms cradle you in the right position. Every one of our designs is excellent for your relaxation, […]

Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories transform your place from a normal sauna experience into a luxurious escape. Sauna Accessories for traditional steam sauna or dry sauna. Finns Sauna Accessory selection of thermometers, buckets, ladles, sand timers, eucalyptus oil and much more. With all the details of building your own sauna it is easy to overlook the final touches […]

Roman Tub

Roman Tub is no ordinary tub. For those who love to lie back, relax, lounge around in a spacious, suds-filled tub and regroup after a long, hard day, do not settle for any ordinary bathtub unless it is Finns Sauna’s Roman Tub. Our roman tubs are not only deeper than your standard tub, but also […]

Natural Stone Tub

Natural Stone Tub from Finns Sauna are unique in shape, size and colour. Our tubs are fine artworks from some of the world finest renowned stone artisans, sculptors and carvers, creating premium artistic stone bath tubs to be found. Even when our designs are true to their original designs, each creation is also unique from […]

Mini Sauna

Mini Sauna is a good way for you to relax yourself for the busy modern live. It helps to removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials, fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy. It also reduces stress, promotes better sleep and provides the same effects of exercise. Then it makes skin beautiful and smooth, looks young by […]

Massage Bed

Massage Bed in Finns Sauna have the widest range of portable massage bed for customers to choose from. Many of the massage tables are portable and can be folded up and kept away when not in use. Our massage beds are extremely stable and are designed for the professional massage therapist. They are ideal for […]

Luxury Tub

Luxury Tub is one of the top collection in the world. When only top of the line will do, look no further than this collection, featuring whisper-quiet technology and illumatherapy lighting luxury tub. Transform your bathroom into a personal spa with these drop-in tubs, tubs and air baths created exclusively for you. Enjoy the combination […]

LED Light

LED Light bulbs are carefully packaged arrays of light emitting diodes (LEDs). These simple LEDs are solid state devices which produce light through a process called “electroluminescence.” Electrons moved across a very special gap within their internal construction that gives off photons when electrons enter the gap. LED bulbs use arrays of multiple LEDs along […]

Foot Sauna

Foot Sauna has been clinically proven that could help improving blood circulation on the foot and leg region, increasing the speed of acidic metabolic waste removal and therefore reducing the fatiguing sensation. According to western scientific research studies and Chinese traditional medicine theories, the foot region is crucial to the health of our entire body. […]

Family Tub

Family Tub promises that bath time will never be the same again! Family tub allows the whole family members to enjoy the showering moments together inside the tub. The latest technologies and designs further enhance the quality of the bath time.

Dr Sauna Thermal Salt

Dr Sauna Thermal Salt is one of these places where you can easily leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind, offering customers an unique and quality spa experience that is in a class of its own. The water is enriched with salt and has a relaxing effect on skin and respiratory organs.

Double Tub

Double Tub concept that changes your way of experiencing the bathroom. A minimalist, refined and luminous design, a perfectly balanced blend of past and modern to welcome the body and regenerate the mind. An original technology that releases all the sensations and beneficial effects of water with extreme simplicity. A unique symbol of opulence fittings […]

Corner Tub

Corner Tub is the perfect way to add a tub to your bathroom without taking up too much floor space and still adding visual appeal. Corner bathtubs provide more of a luxurious look than alcove tubs, which are commonly used in bathrooms without much square footage. Corner tubs give homeowners the ability to install a […]

Cabin Heater Type

Cabin Heater Type is a continuous fire stove, instead of stored heat, is a relatively recent invention. There is a firebox and a smokestack, and stones are placed in a compartment directly above the firebox. It takes shorter time to heat than the heat storage-sauna, about one hour. A fire-heated sauna requires manual labor in […]

Cabin FIR System Type

Cabin FIR System Type water is poured over the stove, producing steam and further raising increasing the temperature. Steam and heat reflects against the wooden walls and ceiling. It takes shorter time to heat roughly about one hour. The stones are heated up and kept on temperature using electric heating elements. There is thermostat and […]

Beauty Equipment

Beauty Equipment from Finns Sauna is a reputable company who provides high quality beauty equipment such as anti-aging systems and salon furniture to satisfy customers’ need. Discover our large selection of equipment for your spa or salon: skin care machines, hair removal machines, high frequency facial machines, infrared cellulite

Bathroom Series

Bathroom Series by Finns Sauna give a new look in a choice of colors and space for all you need to store. It has lots of smart ideas like an extra tall mirror cabinet and a bench with a storage shelf, to help you organize your bathroom, no matter what size it is. Finns Sauna […]

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet increases storage space in a cramped bathroom and adds a decorative touch to your walls. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, yet it often holds more little bottles and trinkets than any other room. You need your towels and toiletry essentials in the bathroom, yet they look cluttered […]

Bath and Sanitary

Bath and Sanitary by Finns Sauna individually characterised styles in quality bath ware, combines style and elegance bath and sanitary accessories with advanced design concepts at affordable prices to create a rich and varied living space. Customers can now select state of the art Finns Sauna sanitary ware ranging from washbasins to whirlpools in both […]

Basin Tap & Mixer

Basin Tap & Mixer are increasingly fashionable and are also known as mono basin taps, a tap in which hot and cold water supplies have a joint outlet but are controlled separately. Finns Sauna’s range of bathroom taps and mixers are available in a gorgeous choice of designs. Choose from a range of contemporary or […]

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy. The inhaled aroma from these “essential” oils is widely believed to stimulate brain […]

Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Bathtub fiberglass is used as a reinforcement material to the vacuum-formed acrylic sheets. This makes the finished product resistant to cracking and chipping.¬†Soak in style when you choose from these quality acrylic bathtubs. Whether you choose a freestanding bathtub or walk-in tub, these styles from brands like Kohler and Aquatica will give you the […]

Wooden Tub

Wooden Tub is environmentally positive, you may ask? If you grew the bamboo or cedar in your backyard and then made it yourself, the answer is – definitely! These examples might not be the greenest and they cost a pretty penny, but it must feel wonderful to bath in wood. Wood holds the heat longer […]