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sauna and sauna builder

02 Oct 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Builder, Sauna Equipment

Sauna “Many people enjoy saunas simply for the warmth they offer. However, more and more people are buying their own saunas today because of the health benefits or social benefit they offer. While there are several different variations of saunas and steam rooms, they all boast their own beneficial features.” Sauna Benefits Although there are […]

Tips on sauna care and maintenance

31 Jul 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Builder, Sauna Equipment

A sauna require minimal maintenance, however, you will want to do regular maintenance to ensure that your sauna stays clean, appealing and operate properly all year round. Here are some tips on how to keep your sauna clean. Cleaning Sweep or vacuum at least once a week if use regularly to remove any dirt from […]

Important factor to consider when planning a sauna

Planning your sauna
30 Jul 2015 / in Sauna, Sauna Builder, Sauna Equipment

Planning a sauna requires details and extra consideration. To properly plan your sauna, you can ask always for a professional assistance or do your own research as a lot of websites provides tips and information on how to plan a good sauna. Either way, here at Finns Sauna Malaysia, we’re always happy to help. Location […]